Environmental Services

Environmental Management

VZT experienced experts develop solutions for comprehensive environmental management. Our environmental specialists analyze each project from all aspects, to determine which solution is appropriate for the unique factors involved. We design the environmental management to comply with governmental regulations. We analyze, throughout the planning process, that the solution will be sensitive to public concerns and will not lead to any long range problems.

Natural Resources and Conservation

VZT environmental specialists assist you in achieving your economic goals and conserving natural resources. Our conservation planning services include:

Cultural Resources and Conservation

VZT researches archives to understand preservation of history and culture. We have worked with private companies and governmental agencies to provide services which include:

Environmental Planning

VZT provides programmatic support for Environmental Planning for private organizations and at Federal Installations. We are actively involved at Fort Wingate, New Mexico and at Rock Island Arsenal, Illinois. We have developed the following planning services:

Environmental Compliance

VZT researches environmental regulations to developBiological Hazards environmental solutions within compliance. We stay aware of recent changes to those requirements. VZT provides a detailed effective environmental management system to comply with regulations.

Regulation Compliance

VZT has designed strategies to meet compliance regulations and provide these related services:

Waste Management, Hazardous Materials and Waste Disposal

VZT will assist management with elimination, reduction and disposal of hazardous materials and waste. You can reduce or eliminate waste, thereby limiting your disposal costs. Allow us to develop a plan to separate hazardous wastes from those materials with lower disposal concerns. VZT studies will help your company initiate energy conservation and recycling programs. We will analyze the current treatment systems and recommend alternatives. Our services related to hazardous wastes, hazardous materials and waste disposal are:

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