Technical Services

VZ Technologies, LLC (VZT) has an experienced staff providing technical services supporting military and commercial organizations.
Office Administrative Services
VZT's emphasis is on assisting facility managers in reducing support staff and costs, while still remaining in compliance with current regulations. We develop preventative maintenance plans that prioritize the use of resources to extend the useful life of infrastructures. Review our capabilities of Office Administrative Services.
Technical Services for Procurement, Resource Management and Planning
VZT staff develops acquisition and management programs that ensure the procurement of quality, cost-effective materials. The VZT system monitors on-time delivery and costs within budget. We provide technical services to assist management in staff level needed to support all projects. For more detail see our Resource Management Technical Support.
Technical Support of Hardware and Software
Support of defense systems requires advanced technical support of both hardware and software. We have developed database management systems that ensure the organized collection of historical data. This historical data may then be used for advanced analytical tools to project future results. You may see a detailed list at Hardware & Software Technical Support.

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